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Prieur Leary Does Everything Possible Using Technology

December 22, 2018

Prieur Leary

Prieur Leary’s goal is to primarily provide IT services to companies in the financial services industry, including some who provide some of the most innovative and disruptive products in the industry. Whereas Information technology (IT) is often broadly used as a way to describe computers and computer networks, it also can refer to other types of technology, including security devices and systems, telephony and even audio and video systems.

While most of the storage, movement and manipulation of data happens in the context of business and commerce, the fact is, it is also seen as a critical part of the activities of educational and charitable organizations, as well. Clearly, Prieur Leary understands cybersecurity to be the greatest challenge faced by IT. His diligence when it comes to that arena in the of the information technology space makes that very clear. His current concern about the security of IT systems mirrors the current state of the industry globally. If there is going to be a future in technology, everyone responsible will have to make security a priority.